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Railing function and purpose

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Railing function and purposeHeight (MM)
Handrail height of indoor stairs900mm
Balconies, verandahs, inner patios and roof railing height

Below 6 layers (multi-layer) ≥ 1050mm,

7 layers above (middle and high-rise) ≥1100mm

When the railing length of the horizontal section of the stairs is ≥500MM, the height of the handrail≥1050mm
The stairs and ramps of elderly buildings should have two consecutive levels of railings and the height of the upper and lower handrails900mm and 650mm
Elderly building balcony railing height, roof wall guardrail height≥1100mm
Children's handrail height should be set on the side of the wall of the nursery building stairs≤600mm
The clear height of the guardrail of the nursery building balcony and roof terrace≥1200mm
When there are two levels of handrails on both sides of the ramp for the disabled, the steps and the stairs, their heights are respectively850mm和650mm
The height of outdoor stairs and horizontal railings≥1100mm
Outdoor stair railing height of outdoor stair railing for building fire protection as auxiliary explosion-proof stairs≥1100mm
The height of the guardrail when the roof of the cultural hall is used as a roof garden or outdoor activity place≥1200mm
Railroad passenger overpass guardrail height≥1400mm

The safety height of the guardrail, from the perspective of physics, should be higher than the human center of gravity.

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