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  • Precautions for installing a glass balcony railing


    Because glass fences give people a transparent and concise effect, if stained glass is used, it will be more artistic, so it is widely used in home decoration. However, if the material is improperly selected or installed improperly, it is easy to cause the glass to break and cause a safety accident. Read More
  • How to choose the best deck railing material


    Understanding how to determine what the best deck railing material is will help you select the best railing for your specific wants and needs. At Unikim, we know that choosing the right deck railing material can often be challenging for homeowners. Read More

Here at Unikim Metals we apply our 15yrs+ manufacturing experience with our export expertise to offer discerning purchasers of foreign certified baluster, glass & cable railing systems & components an extensive variety of premium goods to match their demands.

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